Woman's Services –
from basic bare to
bodacious bling.

Be sweet, be smooth.

Maybe you want to be a satiny goddess or maybe you just want to shed the winter fur – we have options for everyone. From the first-timer to the expert, you’re in for a sweet treat! No need to worry, sugaring is safe on the most sensitive skin and in the most sensitive places.

Are you a sugaring newbie? Check out our QUESTIONS page to see how to prepare for your first visit.

The Brazilian

The Brazilian is our signature service that’s truly a sweet experience. Conducted by our sugaring professionals with your comfort in mind, you can choose your bikini line, from bold to bare, shaped as you choose. You’ll be amazed at the difference this sweet treatment makes!

First Brazilian
Brazilian Club

Vajazzling (oh yeah, you read it right!)

Is the basic Brazilian boring you? Glam up your girlie parts with some bling decoratively adhered to last more than three days. The boys aren’t the only ones who can show off their “family jewels”.

Starting at $10 and up

About Face

Sugaring isn’t only for those “sweet” places. Get sugared all over!

Upper Lip
Eyebrow Design

Arms and Legs

Full Legs
Lower Arms
Half Legs
Under Arms
Full Arms

Full Body Experience

Get the works!

Full Body Package


Full Leg
Full Face
Full Arms
Any Touch Up Areas

Don't see your 'defurring' needs in a package?

Text us, and we'll customize one just for you!

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